Wigmore Medical now distributor for Dermica Laboratories Threads

Although a safe and simple treatment the effectiveness of a Facial Thread Face Lift treatment is directly related to the number of implanted threads and the techniques used.In order to obtain a satisfactory outcome a large number of mini threads must be implanted following patterns appropriate for each area and the patient’s needs.However, because of the boom occurring in these treatments products of dubious origin and without any safety guarantees are beginning to appear.

What can you trust.Situations where success is guaranteed for very little money , that is, with very few threads should not be taken seriously.The very nature of this procedure, bio-stimulation through the presence of a  foreign body I.e the thread makes it impossible for only a few threads to produce the desired result.

As always a quality product and a qualified medical professional who has knowledge of the correct techniques are the only guarantee of safety and success.

Dr Green uses only Dermica threads and uses as many threads are necessary as per the guidelines above.