Kardashian family promote lip fillers

There has been an increase in enquiries from people wanting to emulate the looks of the Kardashian family clan including lip fillers.

A large cosmetic surgery chain claims to have seen a 73% increase in enquiries from patients citing Kardashian family members as inspiration.

This includes a staggering 700% rise in web enquiries for lip fillers overnight following Kylie Jenner’s treatment in May of this year.

Their clinical director commented, “The likes of the Kardashians have had such an influence on people from the way they dress and look and so have created a cult following, and we have seen this filter through to our enquiries.

No one could have predicted the effect Kylie would have on the world-wide lip filler market, undoubtedly she is the industry’s new poster girl for lip filler treatment.

It’s interesting to see the influence these stars have on Brits today, we’ve never known anything like it – the Kardashian family has done more for cosmetic surgery than anyone previously. They openly talk about treatments, are filmed whilst having procedures and are unashamedly obsessed with looking their best at all times.

Fans and viewers can see the results of the treatments and procedures they’ve all had for themselves – the Kardashians have lifted some of the taboos and stigmas associated with surgery and non-surgical treatments and shown the world, the great results these procedures can deliver.”