Around 30 per cent of people in a recent survey felt the pressures of the pandemic has aged them. I have seen the effect of stress, such as divorce, on the face, time and time again over the years, thus adding to the distress.
Non surgical treatments offer a huge choice range today. Things such as muscle relaxing botox injections for frown lines, dermal fillers to replace volume loss in cheeks, temples,tear troughs and thinning lips all can make a significant difference on how you look and feel. They can be carried out over a period of time for a gradual improvement( in case you need to keep the secret!) or quicker, according to your wishes. At the heart of it all, my over riding concern, is safety and results, using anaesthesia if appropriate.
Also, so many people forget how ageing the overall condition of the skin can be. Sun damage,stress, pollution and smoking all playing a part. Medical micro-needling, skin peels such as VI peel and the use of mesotherapy and skin boosters can all make a difference.
You can start the process today by using sun block on your face and neck in particular, all year round. I always ask my clients to protect their investment by doing so! Remember to supplement with vitamin D3.
Remember your inner work too.
Best wishes, Dr Carolyn