Facial Thread Vein Treatments

Thread veins are also called ‘red veins’ or ‘dilated capillaries’ and ‘telangiectasia’.

Normally positioned in the deeper, dermal areas of the skin, small blood vessels expand, becoming visible. They appear as wavy red lines (thread veins), red spots or as red spots with thin red lines radiating from them (spider neaevi).

How does thread vein treatment work?

We use diathermy for the removal/ reduction of facial thread veins.

With Diathermy, a minute current is applied at the skin surface by tapping a very fine needle along the affected area. The blood vessel is thus cauterized, i.e. destroyed by heat. The skin is blanched and the red colour disappears, the blood being reabsorbed by the body. The area may feel a little hot a few minutes later.

Organic Aloe Vera gel is applied to the skin to cool it and to promote the healing process.

This treatment has been effectively used for many years and we have used this method since 1995 with excellent results.