Ageing lips for enhancement

In order to have the right treatment plan, it is first important to understand the role that ageing plays on lips and the perioral region.

Youthful perioral skin is smooth with minimal nasolabial folds and little to no rhytids. With time, the lips atrophy and thin due to the effects of gravity and actinic damage.

Also, with age come perioral fine lines and rhytids, mentolabial folds due to sagging of the corners of the oral commissures also known as marionette lines, and flattening of the Cupid’s Bow and the philtral column.

External factors, such as smoking and sun exposure also help accelerate the ageing process.

There is an increasing list of treatment options available in the market today for the purposes of lip augmentation.

Techniques such as dermabrasion, laser, and chemical peels are commonly used for lip rejuvenation by treating the perioral area.

However, the most common approach for lip augmentation and aesthetically pleasing lips is the use of commercially available dermal fillers